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About the host

Miles Nielsen

Men! I’m Miles, the host and founder of Like a Man.

First and foremost, I am a devoted husband and father of eight. I was born and raised in rural Utah, specifically Sanpete County. Throughout my upbringing, I spent a significant amount of time hunting and exploring the great outdoors, which remains dear to my heart despite my busy, non-rural lifestyle.

Following a two-year church mission in Japan, I pursued a business education at BYU. It was during my time there that I had the pleasure of meeting my wife. To help get me through college, I worked as a student employee at BYU Broadcasting, where I handled marketing responsibilities and produced quality, family-friendly entertainment. This experience spurred my love of creating clean, enjoyable content.

Not long after, my family and I relocated to Kansas City, Missouri, where I immersed myself in the pork industry for a remarkable eight years. I later obtained my Master’s degree from Utah State University during the pandemic, and recently made the move to North West Arkansas, which is my current residence.

My endeavor in creating this show stemmed from the desire to offer men a source of uplifting entertainment. Unlike advocating for smashing beer cans on heads or using mind-altering substances, I aim to promote real manliness, sobriety, and the preservation of cherished traditions. The primary objective of this show is to provide you with a refreshing and invigorating experience, whether you’re commuting to work or engaging in a vigorous workout. Your visit and listenership are greatly appreciated.

Join me on this Like a Man journey, where you can expect great company and good entertainment.